Non-Techy? No Tech Tools? No Problem!
(You’re Not The Only One!)


The TechFluency Club

Transforming your passion into business success, one tech tool at a time.

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed by trying to learn how to operate all the tech tools you need for your business? Are you a DIY diva who wants to learn the ins and outs of automation and systems without having to hire a whole implementation team? Look no further than The TechFluency Club!

You heard it right. You’re not the only one who needs the automation but feels the immediate horror of even the thought of learning another tech tool or system for your business. You can’t wait to experience the joys of automation and yet, you just don’t know where to begin. You might feel alone, but really, you’re not.

Our membership is designed specifically for solopreneurs like you who want to DIY their business but need the proper guidance and support when it comes to the tech side of things. We provide live training on tech tools for non-techies, accountability, and support through weekly co-working sessions, and monthly implementation planning to help you stay on track.

The All Out Virtual Experience

Making Your Life Easy

Surely, there’s no stopping you from doing your own research and watching YouTube tutorial videos. We’ve all been there, scrolling endlessly through a myriad of possible tech elixirs, hopping from one video to another thinking this one might be better than the last one. Then, you think to yourself, does it ever end? Will I actually learn something from all of these? Sooner or later, you’ll want to go back to the basics and look for the support you need. Because admit it or not—and it goes without saying that yes, you are a rockstar—you still need the proper guidance that will lead you to the right tech tool for your business, without going through a bunch of resources available online. Once you get around tech, you’ll be that superstar you’ve always meant to become!

With The TechFluency Club, we’ll be teaching you about all the platforms and tech tools that we have found success with, and how to navigate and optimize them like a pro. On top of that, we’ll also share exclusive tips and tricks for evaluating your analytics, and give an overview of other important business topics like logistics, systems, and processes.


Once you’re officially part of The TechFluency Club, you won’t just gain knowledge on all the basics. You’ll also get the privilege to discover game-changing hacks to your business systems, processes, and automation to help you save time and streamline your workflow.

As a member of The TechFluency Club, you get to join in on all the fun:

Let nothing—not even Tech—stop you! Join The TechFluency Club today and start learning how to run your business without the stress and overwhelm of technology. We can’t wait to see you inside!

At The TechFluency Club, we believe in giving you the freedom and flexibility to learn at your own pace. That's why we offer a pay-as-you-go membership with no contracts and the option to cancel anytime.

We want you to feel empowered to take control of your business without feeling tied down to a long-term commitment. And with our affordable membership options, you can access all of our live training, support, and resources without breaking the bank.

So if you’re ready to start learning and growing your business with The TechFluency Club, sign up today and start taking advantage of all we have to offer. Tech is no fun, but it will be once you get into The TechFluency Club! And, if at any point you need to take a break or feel like you’re good to go, you can cancel your membership without any hassle or penalty.

Software/Tools We Work in…

And so many others!!!

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Meet your Tech Heroes



CEO & Co-Founder

With over a decade of experience in digital marketing for 100+ companies worldwide, Christy has seen her fair share of business challenges and triumphs. She’s the Online Business Queen of streamlining processes, implementing effective systems, and navigating various backend platforms. Whether it’s automating marketing campaigns, managing complex projects, or optimizing financial workflows, Christy’s expertise empowers businesses to reach their full potential.



CTO & Co-Founder

He is no less than our own Tech Genius. When we say good, we mean he’s really good with codes. He’s mastered the ins and outs of WordPress and Kajabi and knows every workaround you can imagine. Plus, he makes incredible funnels that truly convert—an understatement of what it really means: he makes impossible things happen!



Director of Operations

Our Gorgeous Geek who crunches numbers like a piece of cake. She handles data analytics, bookkeeping, payment tracking, and anything that involves, well, numbers. All that, coupled with her excellent client coordination skills and expertise as online business managerin dealing with payment processors, calendar management, email management, and marketing, it’s no wonder she’s launched numerous systems around client onboarding and offboarding.



Podcast Manager

The Podcast Prodigy. From launch to managing the whole production, she’s the maestro. She writes the most succinct show notes and summaries and has the finest audio, video, and reel editing skills; you’d think no one else can do it better. Whether it’s crafting a viral soundbite or weaving intricate soundscapes, she turns raw audio into polished gold. Ready to take your podcast to the next level? Let her be your launch pad to stardom.



Creative Director

The Visual Aesthete. He doesn’t just create designs, he builds brands. His keen eye for aesthetics, coupled with an uncanny ability to understand client needs, conjures up captivating visual identities that resonate deeply. From logos that ignite recognition to illustrations that tell stories, his work exceeds expectations, leaving a lasting impression and propelling brands to new heights. He’s the secret weapon your brand needs to stand out in the crowd and connect with customers on a deeper level.




The Curious Copywriter. Always in pursuit of crafting high-converting, top-tier content, Ara is dedicated to transforming ideas into results. Her expertise extends to creating persuasive sales pages, SEO-friendly website copies, compelling emails, and insightful blog articles, seamlessly turning clicks into conversions. Her passion for creative storytelling ensures that every word clearly resonates and creates an impact with your audience.



Executive Admin Assistant

An exceptionally skilled Virtual Assistant. Her mastery in handling administrative duties, scheduling, and providing remote support makes her an invaluable asset. With a keen eye for detail and a proactive approach, she ensures smooth operations by efficiently managing various tasks, allowing for increased productivity and seamless workflow.



Social Media Manager

The Versatile Pro. More than just a graphic designer, he’s a master of crafting visually stunning social media content that sparks audience interaction. His ability to merge design expertise with data-driven strategies boosts brand visibility and engagement, all while creating content that resonates with your target audience’s interests. From eye-catching infographics to viral video campaigns, he’s the creative powerhouse you need to amplify your brand’s voice and connect with your audience on a deeper level.



Assistant Copywriter

The Artful Wordsmith. Her gift for weaving words into captivating narratives, persuasive marketing content, and engaging copy distinguishes her as a true talent. With a nuanced understanding of tone, brand voice, and target audience, Feby consistently crafts high-quality content that not only communicates messages effectively but also sparks meaningful, thoughtful engagement.


Customer Support

The dedicated Customer Service Support Star. With a warm and welcoming approach, Dianne goes beyond answering inquiries – she’s your personal guide through every step. Her passion for exceptional service transforms each interaction into a positive experience, making your journey with us seamless and enjoyable. Trust Dianne to be your reliable partner, embodying the essence of customer service with every interaction. Dianne isn’t just a support person; she’s your advocate for delight.

Here’s What You Need To Know:

You are a good fit if: You are a driven online business owner (a service provider, coach, online business owner, virtual assistant, copywriter, graphic designer, social media manager, etc.) who wants to move ahead in the game of entrepreneurship
We have a Private Slack Community where you can always get support and ask questions but we won’t do the work for you. We will only show you how to do things. We also have Weekly Co-working Sessions, and Monthly Group Accountability Calls, where you can ask any questions you’d like.
Sure! Just send us an email at
Yes! You’ll be able to rewatch past calls, and access all recorded training and information from previous sessions.
We’d love to see you stay, but yes, depending on when you cancel, your access will be removed 1 month after your final payment date. You have the option to download and save the recorded sessions before that date.
We offer a pay-as-you-go membership with no contracts and the option to cancel anytime. However, due to the digital nature of the membership content, and that you get immediate access to all the resources, we are unable to offer refunds.

Monthly Ongoing Services

Outsource your tech work to save time and avoid the overwhelming list of constantly evolving tasks. We are here to give you an ongoing support.

Project Based Services

Get your business off the ground with our project-based/intensive services that cover everything from ideation to tech, without the need for ongoing support.