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As a new coach, it’s okay to feel a sense of doubt and inadequacy when comparing yourself to the experts. It’s natural to question whether you can attract the same clientele as these seasoned coaches do. The thing is, it all comes down to making sure that you are appropriately prepared. After all, you have all of the experience you already need—the same as them. That’s why you need to put together the right toolkit to help them see that! It all comes down to equipping your toolkit with the right pieces. So, here are ten must-have tools that new coaches need in their virtual toolkit to start landing clients. These are not in any particular order. All are equally important, so don’t skip over any!

Top tools for new coaches

  1. A clear identity as a brand: For new coaches, this is one of the tools that will help you clearly show your clients who you are and what your offer is. Your brand must be professionally designed, and consistent from one platform to another. Understand who you’re marketing to and employ a consistent strategy to do just that.
  1. A logical content calendar: Content is king, even in today’s age. Make sure that you have tools to create a content calendar ready to go. Pack it up with logical posts and a schedule that is as automated as you can make for simplicity’s sake. When things get busy, you don’t want your marketing to slip, after all!
  1. A landing/sales page: This will be the hub where people looking for coaches land when they click on a link. This is the perfect tool to show your clients the details on who you are, a few calls-to-action (CTAs), and compelling explanations. These should help your client see that you are the real deal. A landing page doesn’t need to be intense or extended. Just keep it focused and matched with your offerings.
  1. Well-written website content: If you already have a landing/sales page, this is unnecessary when you’re just starting. When you scale your business and have multiple services and offerings, it’s a great idea to have a website. Think of website content as your receptionist for your coaching business.  It’ll be like a rude receptionist who’s glued to their phone instead of tending to customers if it isn’t done well.  You want to impress and please them when they visit your website for the first time!  If you need to hire someone in the industry, let us know!
  1. An interesting freebie: Easily one of the best tools for new coaches to get potential clients to bite!  Give away an industry-relevant freebie. That’ll show them that you are legitimate and professional and that you love what you do.  It should be something that will ideally lead them to see you as the goldmine that you are! Giving FREEbies is a great way to build your email marketing list and show authority in your industry.

Give away an industry-relevant freebie. That’ll show them that you are legitimate and professional and that you love what you do.  It should be something that will ideally lead them to see you as the goldmine that you are

  1. An email service provider: Make your subscribers feel nurtured. Don’t send mass emails by just having an email account. It would be best to have an email service provider to do all the announcements, promoting, etc. An email service provider will make work easy for you. With pre-populated templates and impressive automated workflow services, it will take care of a lot of the nitty-gritty. This needs to be set up one time like how a funnel flows!
  1. Accessible links to socials: People will want to check you out on social media to check if you are legit. They also will want to follow you on those platforms to stay updated on closures, cancellations, and discounts. Make sure those links are accessible on your website, newsletters, and more.
  1. A calendar/booking system: Booking and scheduling can be a nightmare when handling it all yourself.  A calendar and booking system allows new potential clients to book themselves in via this system at a convenient time.  You can adjust it based on time slots filling up so that you never have to worry about double booking!
  1. Welcome packets: When someone signs on with you, pamper them. They’ll remember that detail for as long as they live and they’ll tell their friends about it⁠. From a gift to a welcome packet with tips and surprises, it’ll be appreciated more than anything they’re paying for!
  1. Call recording: Without a doubt, this is one of the top tools that can help new coaches like you make sure that you have all of your relevant client information they give you.  Just make sure that they are aware of the recording! Also, most clients would want to have a replay of your sessions!

Did any of these surprise you?

Did you already have 4 or 7 out of these 10 tools? Regardless of where you are on being ready, these ten tools are going to help new coaches get to the forefront of the coaching industry. Make your way to the top of the pack using all of the critical, practical, coaching tips and tools to get there!

All that needs is for you to put everything into action. It may seem impossible, but with extra hands and with the right skills, you’ll surely be well on your way to your desired destination. Our specialists at All Out Virtual have expertise on optimizing these tools to equip you with the perfect toolkit so you can focus on your phenomenal work as a coach. From cementing your brand identity to curating the chicest welcome packet for your clients, we’ll make it happen for you. Hit us up if you’re ready to become topnotch, Coach!

10 Tools New Coaches Need
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