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Forget gym memberships and smoothie cleanses—this time, it’s about reimagining your solopreneur journey. This one is your own blank canvas waiting for you to masterplan your way into creating the most brilliant ideas. It’s high time you start sharpening your own skills, redefining your success narrative, and embracing the challenges that come with forging your entrepreneurial path. But there’s a catch. Before you can actually get to kickstart a better solopreneur journey, you’ll find yourself asking this question: “What could possibly be holding me back from doing any of these?”. For starters, you can evaluate your business processes and discard what no longer serves your goals. That’s where my top favorite digital marketing tools (I call them best-T’s like besties!) come in: automation tools! 

Bye bye, Busywork:

  • Dubsado: The need to ditch the paperwork! Dubsado is your liberation ticket. Automate tedious tasks like scheduling, proposals, and invoices. No more chasing overdue payments or feeling bogged down by administrative chores. Reclaim your most valuable hours to focus on what truly matters—whether it’s building your next masterpiece, connecting with inspiring clients, or simply taking a well-deserved nap (duh, of course, you earned it!).
  • ConvertKit: Forget cold, impersonal email blasts. ConvertKit is THE best way to craft emails that will actually inspire and engage your audience. Plus, it has a way to segment your audience, so you can deliver targeted messages that truly resonate with them. It also has an easy-peasy feature for sharing your actionable tips and tidbits, for that ultimate experience of watching your conversions flourish! 

Rel-EASE Your Inner Expert:

  • Teachable: Easily the finest all-in-one tool for transforming your knowledge into income. Create your own online courses, workshops, or even ebooks through this no-fuss learning management system. What’s more, you can sell your courses directly or offer memberships, subscriptions, and bundles. You can even build lasting relationships with your community with Teachable’s built-in discussion forums, private messaging, and live chat features.
  • ThriveCart: You will truly thrive by designing a seamless and intuitive buying experience. It is able to accept virtually any form of payment, from credit cards and PayPal to flexible options like subscriptions and payment plans. And even when they seem to forget, ThriveCart‘s powerful cart abandonment feature helps you send targeted emails to remind your customers to complete their purchases. So, best believe you will soon watch your customers happily click that “Buy Now” button! Rest assured, you can focus on building trust and selling with confidence, knowing that your customers’ data is safe with ThriveCart’s industry-leading security features.

Build Your Online Home:

  • SiteGround: Forget code-induced headaches and imagine a website that feels like home: welcoming, stylish, and effortlessly showcasing your expertise. Now, stop imagining and start building with SiteGround. Its intuitive interface lets you build a stunning website, with its drag-and-drop supremacy. Plus, its reliable servers and 24/7 support mean your website is online whenever and when you need it most. No downtime, just peace of mind. Another upside is that you have the power to make it your own! Aside from the curated themes, you can personalize your own theme with layouts, colors, fonts, and even custom code if you’re feeling adventurous.

Always be FAB:

  • Focus on your passion. Don’t chase trends; build something you love.
  • Automate the boring; make room for the brilliant.
  • Build your tribe. Surround yourself with a community of supporters, collaborators, and cheerleaders who share your vision and fuel your growth.

Chances are, you’re already half-way through your solopreneur success story—well, maybe except for the fact that you haven’t met my best-T’s until now. So, ditch the drudgery and embrace your dream. It’s your time to break free from the shackles of the mundane, leverage these business automation tools and make them your own digital marketing besties!

Can’t figure out how to apply my favorite digital marketing tools to your business? Don’t sweat, ‘cause our team at All Out Virtual will help you kickstart a better solopreneur journey! With more than 350 successful projects worldwide, our expert ensemble will integrate these tools for your business so you only have to focus on what matters for you. Connect with us and let’s co-create your own solopreneur masterpiece today!

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