Hiring a General Virtual Assistant vs. a Full-Service Solutions Agency, which is better for you?

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When you are looking at hiring some help to support you as you expand and branch out, the two main options that you will keep coming back to are a general virtual assistant or a full-service solutions agency. Both have significant pros that you’ll want to focus on to do what’s best for your business. Curious to figure out which is best? Let’s take a look.

Why need a virtual assistant?

           Many people will go here first. This is because a virtual assistant offers some admittedly great perks when looking specifically at a few one-off tasks. 

However, this is also its downfall. Let’s go a bit deeper into it.

●     Virtual assistants are readily available. Virtual assistants are everywhere, from one platform to another, and will be pretty simple to find for those more manageable tasks you need help with.  If you’re on a time crunch, you’ll love that you can go online and choose one.

●     Virtual assistants are affordable if you’ll do all the training. Since they are often new to the business and starting, they can be great for your bottom line and budget. They will happily take a lower wage and will often offer extra perks, too, which can be helpful when you are in a crunch and need support in more than one area. Since they’re also one-offs, you don’t need to worry about long-term payment plans, etc.

●     Virtual assistants can help in all sorts of sectors and departments. There will be a virtual assistant for everything you need, from web content writing to graphic design to secretaries to data entry. When you have a lot of needs, this is going to be especially helpful! That also means you’ll hire different people for a specific skillset since no such person is good at everything. 

However, all of that choice and flexibility will come with a downside that should be acknowledged: your time and effort.  You’re going to need to stay on top of everything and in control of the virtual assistance itself from start to finish. When busy or stressed, or distracted, this can add another load to your already overburdened shoulders!

           Unless you’re know its potential, you most likely wouldn’t know the power in hiring of a full-service solutions agency. A full-based business solutions agency is going to be a great support, though.

So, why hire a full-service solutions agency?

●     One place to go for all your needs. With an full-service solutions agency, all of the different tasks you could need for your business can be found in one spot. Whether it’s an online course, program, or business, you won’t need to hire separate teams for various projects.  Since this is an entire agency, they’re built around the very idea that you don’t want to be worrying about making sure that every one you need is there and ready. Having them come on board means that they bring their incredible team, too.

●     You don’t have to be involved in hiring and firing. Do you know how once in a while you’ll get a virtual assistant that doesn’t cut it? Perhaps they miss deadlines, are not reliable, or they do a poor quality of work, etc. Then you’re going to be stressed and frustrated as a result of this. When you have an agency at your back, they will ensure that all of their team members have the experience, training, and passion for their jobs to the best of their ability. And if they don’t? That’s not your problem! It’s just another responsibility that you can put on the company that you’ve hired. 

Nice to know that you are going to be relying on only the right people.

●     It focuses your attention on the important matters: You have things to do with your program launch and operation. Whatever stage you’re at, you have to make sure that you focus on that and nothing else. 

You don’t need the stress or delay that comes from trying to be in charge of virtual assistants. Put that on the professionals who know how to handle it and get your mind back on the task where it is most needed.

 As you can see, there are advantages to both options. The decision is going to be deciding what you feel to be the most important for your business.

In a situation where you need to focus on the things that matter most to your business and know that you’ve got an experienced team behind you, a business solutions agency will be the right call. All Out Virtual LLC is your go-to partner for all your business needs: a Full-Service Digital Marketing and
Virtual Assistant Agency in one. So whether you need an asset to handle your daily admin tasks for you or a one-stop solutions agency for every aspect of your business, we’ve got a whole ensemble of experts ready to man the ship for you. If you’re ready to hand us the helm and sail towards success, then let’s start with a chat!

General Virtual Assistant vs. a Full-Service Solutions Agency
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