Harmonic Awakening

Case Study

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Services: Branding, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Funnel Marketing, Customer Services
Type: Project-Based
Duration: 2-3 months

Summary of tasks done for Harmonic Awakening


  • Define summit purpose and theme.
  • Branding strategy and assets.
  • Set date, duration, and budget.
  • Choose a platform and set up technically.
  • Invite and confirm speakers.
  • Develop content and schedule.
  • Plan marketing and promotion.
  • Create registration, tagging ang automation.

Event Execution

  • Edit speaker interviews.
  • Launch and monitor daily.
  • Facilitate networking opportunities.
  • Handle technical issues in real-time.
  • Encourage attendee engagement.

Post -Event

  • Gather feedback and share recorded sessions.
  • Evaluate summit success and areas for improvement.
  • Continue engagement with attendees and nurture leads.
  • Post summit invitation


  • 1,500+ optins
  • 500+ Facebook group members

Imagine a world where your true talents, your ‘zone of genius,’ are nurtured and brought to the forefront. Picture an event where magic happens, like the summit we organized for Harmonic Awakening. It resulted in a staggering 1500+ opt-ins and over 500 new Facebook group members. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with breakthrough moments aplenty.

Now, here’s the thing: while we’d love to promise you a 100% success rate, we can’t. That’s because the outcome isn’t solely in our hands; it’s a partnership.

Let me tell you about Jennifer – an incredible client and dream collaborator. She brought her unique strengths to the table, and together, we achieved greatness.

When you engage us as your service provider, you’re not just hiring a team; you’re gaining a trusted partner. We take care of your launch, your systems, and your tech needs all under one roof at All Out Virtual.

If this vision resonates with you, if you’re ready for a journey where your ‘zone of genius’ thrives and where we collaborate to make magic happen, then let’s explore this possibility together. Your dreams are closer than you think. 😊

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