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Services: Branding, Website Services, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Copywriting, Funnel Marketing, Customer Services, Virtual Assistance
Type: Project-Based, Ongoing Support
Duration: 2-3 months and ongoing support after

Summary of tasks done for Mixed Fat Chick

Reimagining Health and Wellness Summit

  • Phase 1: Strategy, Operations, Speakers (1-2 weeks)
  • Phase 2: Interviews, Systems & Infrastructure (4-6 Weeks)
  • Phase 3: Marketing, Communications & Promo (2-4 Weeks)
  • Phase 4: Summit Launch & Post-Summit Offer (2 Weeks)
  • Phase 5: Post-Summit Launch, Closeout (3-6 Weeks)


  • Additional 2,800+ email subscribers
  • 500+ members  who are engaged in Facebook community
  • $10K+ in revenue for All-Access Passes

Our collaboration with Pia in reimagining the Health and Wellness Summit was a journey in five distinct phases. In the initial stage, we meticulously crafted the strategy and carefully curated an impressive lineup of speakers.

Moving into the second phase, we conducted insightful interviews, established robust infrastructure, and built the necessary systems for a successful summit. Phase three was dedicated to marketing and communication, generating a buzz and excitement around the event.

As the summit was launched in phase four, our post-summit offer was warmly embraced by an eager audience. In the final phase, we closed out the summit, reflecting on the impact made and the connections forged.

The results speak for themselves: an additional 2,800+ email subscribers, an engaged Facebook community with 500+ members, and an impressive $10,000 in revenue from All-Access Passes.

Pia’s vision for a healthier world was transformed into reality, and now it’s your turn to embark on a journey that can become the next remarkable chapter. Let’s create your success story together. 🌟


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