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Services: Email Marketing, Copywriting, Funnel Marketing, Customer Services, Virtual Assistance
Type: Project Based
Duration: 2-3 months

Summary of tasks done for Luna

Technical Tasks

  • Created an ICONIC Challenge opt-in page using Leadpages.
  • Designed a Magnetic Messaging Sales Page on Squarespace.
  • Set up various automations, likely for email marketing or other processes.
  • Managed affiliate links for the project.
  • Created and configured check-out pages using Thrivecart.
  • Uploaded ICONIC challenge replays to the Thrivecart Learn course platform.
  • Developed a Magnetic Messaging Learn course.

General Administrative Tasks

  • Scheduled Challenge Promo, confirmation, bump offer, and show-up sequence, likely related to marketing campaigns.
  • Handled affiliate emails, which may involve communication with project partners.
  • Tracked signups and purchases made by affiliates, likely to monitor the success of affiliate marketing efforts.
  • Updated the Brand Messaging Guide template in Canva, which may be a document used for branding and messaging consistency.


  • Additional 500+ email subscribers
  • 10+ clients
  • $17k+ in revenue

Let’s take a look at what we did for Luna.

We handled several technical tasks, including creating a user-friendly ICONIC Challenge opt-in page. We designed a compelling Magnetic Messaging Sales Page using Squarespace and set up various automations, making processes smoother. We also managed affiliate links, created check-out pages, and uploaded ICONIC Challenge replays to the Thrivecart Learn course platform. Additionally, we developed the Magnetic Messaging Learn course.

On the administrative side, we efficiently scheduled Challenge Promo, confirmation, bump offers, and show-up sequences for marketing purposes. We handled affiliate emails, tracked signups, and monitored affiliate marketing success. We also updated the Brand Messaging Guide template in Canva for consistent branding and messaging.

The results were impressive: Luna gained over 500 new email subscribers, secured more than 10 clients, and generated $17k+ in revenue. Our focus isn’t on magic but on practical steps that produce real results.

Luna’s journey showcases what’s possible. We’re here to help you write your own success story. Dare to dream, and let’s make it happen. 🌟

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